Martes, Pebrero 5, 2013

The wonders of Asik-Asik Falls

Text Courtesy of Lean Daval Jr.

THERE’S a newly-discovered natural wonder destined to be a top destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, and even capitalists interested in investing on tourism-related business ventures. That is Asik-Asik Spring Falls, a waterfalls nestled in the fastnesses of sitio Dulao, Upper Dado in the town of Alamada, North Cotabato.  
Asik-Asik is 25 kilometers from the national highway and is tailor- made for those who enjoy nature whatever it takes in terms of cost and physical effort to reach the site.
A visit to the falls includes descending and ascending treks on concrete stairs that wind around the mountain side. The walk usually takes 20 minutes or so of going up, and another 20 minutes of coming down. 
From the top only a tiny portion of the falls can be seen. But as a visitor descends, the falls slowly unfurls its beauty in full splendor.  
Up close, a visitor will marvel at the falls’ pure, crystal clear and naturally filtered water. Some visitors even bring containers so they could take home some of the water widely believed to have a measure of healing power.
 The surroundings’ unspoiled forest cover is the site’s other come-on. Of course, no one can ignore the aroma of flowers blooming in the unpolluted fresh air and the panoramic view of green and blue extending all the way to the horizon.
Asik-Asik Spring Falls is expected to become in time a popular spot for tourists, local and foreign, because of its uniqueness. It’s a breathtaking spectacle because, unlike other falls, spring water comes out from rock formations instead of water coming from a river.  And the falls’ water meets the river which flows from the opposite direction. 
When visiting the falls, it is advisable to bring along enough food, refreshments and an ample supply of sun block, especially during the hot summer months. Visitors are also advised by the destination keepers that cleanliness is a must. Cooking and disposing of garbage and other refuse is strictly prohibited.
Asik-Asik falls is one of several areas which had been developed and maintained by the provincial government of North Cotabato under Gov. Emmylou “Lala” Taliño and the provincial tourism office. One might say that this is just one of the no-nonsense efforts of the governor and her tourism people in the North Cotabatenyos’ collective desire to change the image of the province from a war-torn area to a tourist destination.
Going to Asik-Asik falls via the Davao-Cotabato national road takes about two and a half hours from Kidapawan City and an hour from neighboring towns. It is advisable for the sake of convenience to take the trip aboard a vehicle that can negotiate a far from perfectly smooth road, although the trip to Alamada may also be arranged through the provincial tourism office.
Lucky are those who have seen and savored the pristine beauty of Asik-Asik spring falls. It is truly the province’s hidden treasure.

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